The ProStars Club 2008 Series was the last series of ProStars Corinthian would ever release, with 4 Barcleona 2008/09 home kit figures being released on a Barcelona style blister pack, with the product being sold in the Barcelona club shop and via Corinthian Direct.

This was the only release of Thierry Henry and Alexander Hleb for Barcelona, with both scutlps having previously featured in the Corinthian range. Club captain and talisman Carles Puyol was assinged the last ever PRO code, with is PRO1825, the sculpt being the same as all other releases of Puyol. Those 3 are all fairly easy and inexpensive to pick up.

Completing the set is Lionel Messi, the sculpt being the same as we saw in ProStars Classics Series 2 and also released as part of the ProStars Select 500 Series. I have never been a fan of this Messi sculpt, the first sculpt is far superior in my opinion. Messi does appear infrequently for sale but is by no means a cheap purchase.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1822 - Lionel Messi - Barcelona - Home 2008/09

PRO1823 - Thierry Henry - Barcelona - Home 2008/09

PRO1824 - Alexander Hleb - Barcelona - Home 2008/09

PRO1825 - Carles Puyol - Barcelona - Home 2008/09