The ProStars Club 2008 Series was the last series of ProStars Corinthian would ever release, with 4 Chelsea 2008/09 home kit figures being released on a Chelsea style blister pack, with the product being sold in the Chesea club shop.

The 4 figures are Michael Ballack, Deco, Frank Lampard and Petr Cech. Ballack is the same sculpt as we first saw in ProStars Series 34, with the Deco sculpt being the same as all previous releases of the player, however this was his only figure in a Chelsea kit. Club legend Frank Lampard is the same sculpt as the ProStars Series 35 version.

The highlight of the set and one of the most popular figures in the entire Corinthian collection is Petr Cech, sculpted wearing his trademark headgear. This figure was an instant sell out, easy to see why given the quality and uniqueness of the sculpt, then painted in a very vibrant and distinctive Orange kit.

Cech is incredibly rare and seldom seen for sale, with his figure in high demand and it will one of the most expensive figures in your collection. Though i must say the other 3 are by no means easy to pick up, all can be very elusive and i do not think they were made in great numbers.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1818 - Michael Ballack - Chelsea - Home 2008/09

PRO1819 - Frank Lampard - Chelsea - Home 2008/09

PRO1820 - Petr Cech - Chelsea - Home 2008/09

PRO1821 - Deco - Chelsea - Home 2008/09