The ProStars Club 2008 Series was the last series of ProStars Corinthian would ever release, with 4 Liverpool 2008/09 home kit figures being released on a Liverpool style blister pack, with the product being sold in the Liverpool club shop.

The 4 figures in the set are goal keeper Pepe Reina, the sculpt being the same as we saw in ProStars Series 33 Stars of the Season and the FA Cup Winners box set, Robbie Keane got his only release for Liverpool and the sclupt was the one from ProStars Series 34 which had in in Tottenham Hotspur home kit. Keane is easily picked up but the Reina will prove harder to find.

The other 2 are much rarer, with Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres making up the quartet. The Gerrard sculpt is the same one from the ProStars Classis series, which for me was the best sculpt of Gerrard Corinthian ever produced. This sculpt of Torres was first released in ProStars Series 38 and i have alwyas found it to be the rarest of the set, Gerrard does appear infrequently but Torres is very seldom seen for sale.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1814 - Fernando Torres - Liverpool - Home 2008/09

PRO1815 - Steven Gerrard - Liverpool - Home 2008/09

PRO1816 - Robbie Keane - Liverpool - Home 2008/09

PRO1817 - Pepe Reina - Liverpool - Home 2008/09