Corinthian worked closely with each football club when producing the figures, even producing some product designed specifically for the club.

Corinthian released a set of 4 Celtic club blister packs, with the blister being in Celtic club colours of Green & White, and released at the official Celtic club shop.

As for the figures themselves, first up is club manager Martin O'Neil, the figure is exactly the same first released in the Christmas 2000/01 4 pack and also formed part of the Celtic 3 pack.

The Henrik Larsson figure was first released in ProStars Series 13 and was also in the Celtic 3 pack. Neil Lennon in away kit was also in the Celtic 3 pack and released as part of the Collectors Edition Series.  Neil Lennon in Celtic home kit is the same as we saw in ProStars Series 14.

On the surface it looks like a simple club release offering nothing new to the seasoned collector, however on closer inspection there are actually 2 variant collector cards! Martin O'Neil was in the Christmas 2000/01 4 pack which came with collector card, however the collector card inside the Celtic club blister is a different version and has the figure image on both sides of the card.

Neil Lennon in Celtic away kit was part of the Collectors Edition, and with this being a limited edition release each collector card was individually numbered, the collector card in the Celtic club blister has the figure image on both sides of the card, in the same style as the other in the set.

This is only something i was aware of when i was creating this website, all these years on and Corinthian can still throw up some surprises!

The final figure in the Celtic club blister series is only something i became aware of in the Summer of 2020, buried in a job lot on Ebay, it instantly caugh my collectors eye, it is Shunsuke Nakamura in Celtic 2005/06 home kit. The Nakamura figure is exactly the same as released in ProStars Series 31, however the Celtic club blister has a different collector card!

The Celtic club blister of Nakamura was only released at the Celtic official club shop and was never mentioned or listed in any Corinthian Newsletter and is incredibly rare!

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card.

Figure List:

PRO368 - Martin O'Neil - Celtic - Suit

PRO461 - Henrik Larsson - Celtic - Home 2001/02

PRO510 - Neil Lennon - Celtic - Home 2001/02

PRO540 - Neil Lennon - Celtic - Away 2001/02

PRO1362 - Shunsuke Nakamura - Celtic - Home 2005/06