Manchester United figures were always amongst the best sellers for Corinthian and with the club's history it seemed only natural that a legends series would be released.

The 2004 Corinthian Convention which took place at Villa Park on the 11th & 12 of June, saw a set of 5 Manchester United legends released, all on a specially designed Manchester United blister pack.

Norman Whiteside would get his first and ony Corinthian release, with the player attending the convention to sign his blister pack, with Corinthian making 3,761 blisters. Steve Coppell was another who made his only Corinthian appearance, an excellent sclulpt, with Corinthian making  3,773 blisters.

Bryan Robson had appeared in the Corinthian range before however this was an all new sculpt of the player and would not be used by Corinthian again, having 4,337 blisters produced. Bobby Charlton had previously featured in Man U home kit, as part of the Legends of the Sixties team pack and also in the World Club Legends Series, so to save a third release of essntially the same figure, Corinthian painted this one in away kit, making 4,337 blisters.

No Manchester United Legends Series could ever be complete without George Best, the sculpt is the same as the Club Gold World Greats figure and like Charlton he was also in the Legends of the Sixties team pack but in away kit, so it made sense to proctect the collectibility of that figure and release this legends version of him in home kit, with 5,969 blisters made. This is the only Corinthian blister pack ever made of George Best!

The 2005 Covention at Villa Park took place on the 11th & 12th of June and saw a 6th Manchester United Legends blister released, which was Frank Stapleton in United home kit. Stapleton was at the event to sign his blister pack, with Corinthian producing 2,175 blister packs and each one came with an individually numbered collector card.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1012 - Norman Whiteside - Manchester United - Home

PRO1013 - Bobby Charlton - Manchester United - Home

PRO1014 - George Best - Manchester United - Home

PRO1015 - Bryan Robson - Manchester United - Home

PRO1016 - Steve Coppell - Manchester United - Home

PRO1184 - Frank Stapleton - Manchester United - Home