ARSENAL 2006/07


The early part of 2007 saw Corinthian release a set of 8 Arsenal figures, all on a specially designed Arsenal blister pack, with the vast majority of the stock going to the Arsenal club shop.

Gael Clichy gets his one and only appearance as a ProStars figure, he would never be released by Corinthian again, with this new sculpt proving very popular with collectors. Although William Gallas had featured in other Corinthian series, this is the only ProStars version of him for Arsenal. Kolo Toure first appeared in ProStars Series 28 Demon Defenders and that same sculpt is used here, with Alexander Hleb initially appearing in ProStars Series 31 Terrific Transfers.

Robin Van Persie was also in home kit, the sculpt being the same as we saw in ProStars Series 30 Dazzling Derbies. The remaining 3 are all in 2006/07 Arsenal away kit, with those 3 being Tomas Rosicky, Cesc Fabregas and Gilberto Silva. 

Fabregas was first released in Prostars Series 29 Stars of the Season, with Rosicky appearing in ProStars Series 35 and Gilberto in series 36.

Corinthian also released Platinum Packs for this release, producing 360 of each player, with each pack coming with an individually numbered collector card. These figures can be very hard to find, with the blister packs proving very elusive.

The 8 figures were initially planned to be part of an Arsenal 12 player team pack, however that product was sadly cancelled. The other 4 figures which were set to be included in the Arsenal team pack were Jens Lehman, Abou Diaby, Emmanuel Eboue and Emmanuel Adebayor, with Adebayor planned to be in away kit. Such a shame this team pack was cancelled, moslty as we would have gotten figures of Diaby and Eboue, unfortunately Corinthian would never release either as a ProStars figure.

The figures were released as single blister packs coming with collector card, while the Platinum Packs came with an individually numbered collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1675 - Gael Clichy - Arsenal - Home 2006/07

PRO1676 - William Gallas - Arsenal - Home 2006/07

PRO1677 - KoloToure - Arsenal - Home 2006/07

PRO1679 - Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal - Away 2006/07

PRO1680 - Tomas Rosicky - Arsenal - Away 2006/07

PRO1681 - Alexander Hleb - Arsenal - Home 2006/07

PRO1683 - Gilberto Silva - Arsenal - Away 2006/07

PRO1684 - Robin Van Persie - Arsenal - Home 2006/07