El Mundo Deportivo is a Spanish newspaper which is distributed throughout Spain but it is published in Barcelona, the company approached Corinthian to produce some special figures to be given away with their newspaper.

From early October 2004, anyone who purchased the El Mundo Deportivo newspaper was also able to purchase one of the 6 limited edition Barcelona figures, with each figure being in a Barcelona style window box. The figure available for purchase was changed each week and there was also a Barcelona display stand produced to accompany the set.

The 6 Barcelona players in this promotion are Ronaldinho, Carles Puyol, Henrik Larsson, Victor Valdes, Ludovic Giuly and Juliano Belletti, all in Barcelona 2004/05 home kit. The initial plan was to have a full set of 12 produced, the display stand actually has all 12 slots but they are covered over. The 6 which were cancelled are Xavi, Deco, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Edmilson, Samuel Eto'o and Rafael Marquez.

An often over looked set but they are very rare to find, given the difficulty in obtaining them, i feel they would have been more desirable had they been in a Barcelona style blister pack, but that aside they are still a superb set and the display stand can also be very difficult to find.

The figures came in a Barcelona window box, there was no collector card produced but the backing card inside the box did have a fact file for each player.

Figure List:

PRO1062 - Ronaldinho - Barcelona - Home 2004/05

PRO1063 - Carles Puyol - Barcelona - Home 2004/05

PRO1064 - Henrik Larsson - Barcelona - Home 2004/05

PRO1065 - Victor Valdes - Barcelona - Home 2004/05

PRO1067 - Juliano Belletti- Barcelona - Home 2004/05

PRO1068 - Ludovic Giuly - Barcelona - Home 2004/05