Corinthian ProStars Classics Series 1 was released in September 2007, consisting of 8 figures, all released on a specially designed Classics blister card.

Classics Series 1 was split release, with 4 being in club kits and the other 4 in national kits. First up is Samba star Ronaldinho, in Brazil home kit, with the sculpt used being the same as we saw from ProStars Series 32 onwards. The star of the entire Classics range is undoubtedly Carlos Valderrama, here in his Colombia home kit, with this figure paying homage to the Club Gold World Greats release. This is the only blister pack version ever released of Valderrama, so demand was incredibly high prior to it's release, with the standard and Platinum Pack proving highly sought after.

This was an all new sculpt of Kop legend Steven Gerrard, here in Liverpool home kit complete with captain's arm band, with this sculpt also being used the the Club 2008 release of Gerrard. This Classics blister of Gerrard is another rare blister to emerge from this series and one which has certainly appreciated in value. Luis Figo is in Portugal home kit, with the sculpt used beign the same as as used in the Inter Milan winners pack.

Pablo Aimar was first released in the ProStars Retail range as a redemption exclusive, coming in clear sachet with fact file, so this was the first and indeed only blister pack 

release of Aimar, painted in the Argentina home kit. Dennis Bergkamp was released many times as a ProStars, however this would be his final appearance, the sculpt used being the same as in the Club Gold World Greats 2007 UK Membership set, and painted in the home kit of Arsenal.

Corinthian took one last opportunity to ride the popularity of Japan's biggest export, Hidetoshi Nakata, with the figure painted in the Perugia home kit, a throwback to when he was released as part of ProStars Series 2. Completing the line up is Gabriel Batistuta in Fiorentina home kit, as he was when he featured in the Corinthian Headliners World Stars 98 Series, so this had a real nostalgic feel to the release.

A very popular series of figures and was well received by collectors, with many of the figures selling out shortly after the release.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card. Platinum Packs were also produced, with each one being limited to ust 360 pieces, and coming with an individually numbered collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1601 - Ronaldinho - Brazil - Home

PRO1602 - Carlos Valderrama - Colombia - Home

PRO1603 - Steven Gerrard - Gerrard - Home

PRO1604 - Luis Figo - Portugal - Home

PRO1605 - Pablo Aimar - Argentina - Home

PRO1606 - Dennis Bergkamp - Arsenal - Home

PRO1607 - Hidetoshi Nakata - Perugia - Home

PRO1608 - Gabriel Batistuta - Fiorentina - Home