Corinthian ProStars Classics Series 3 was released in May 2008 and comprised of 4 figures, although still a very fine series it certainy lacked the imapct and star power of series 1 & 2.

ProStars Classics Series 3 saw the second release of Mexican international Giovanni Dos Santos, however to most this will have been viewed as first ProStars release. He was initially released as part of the 2006 Mexico National series, however that was releaed exclusively in Mexico and was a series which Corinthian negated to mention. That Mexico series was then and is now very hard to acquire,  so this Classics edition gave collectors a much easier way to add a Dos Santos figure to their collection, here painted in Barcleona home kit.

Manuel Rui Costa had featured a few times in the ProStars Series, in Classics Series 3 he is in Fiorentina kit for the first time since his initial release as part of the Healiners Italian SuperStars range. Another who was initially part of the SuperStars release is Dejan Savicevic, again released for AC Milan, the sculpt being the same as we saw in Japan Series 3.

Completing the set is Franco Baresi in Italy home kit, an excellent sculpt which was first used in the World Club Legends Series, with the Italian in AC Milan home kit.

All of ProStars Classics Series 3 are certainly not as rare as many others in the Classics Series, Dos Santos and Rui Costa are easily picked up, but Baresi and Savicevic appear less frequently.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came with collector card. Platinum Packs were also produced, with each one being limited to ust 360 pieces, and coming with an individually numbered collector card.

Figure List:

PRO1728 - Giovanni Dos Santos - Barcelona - Home

PRO1729 - Manuel Rui Costa - Fiorentina - Home

PRO1730 - Dejan Savicevic - AC Milan - Home

PRO1731 - Franco Baresi - Italy - Home