Corinthian were doing numerous cross brand promotion at this point, all in an effort to increase brand awareness and get their product into as many countries as possible, and there was no bigger emerging market than China.

Corinthian teamed up with soft drinks company Lucozade to release a set of 8 figures in China, to be given away with bottles of Lucozade Sport.

The figures had all previously been released by Corinthian, with each one sold in a special Lucozade branded window box, however no collector cards came were included. There are 4 Liverpool and 4 Manchester United figures, all 4 Liverpool figures came from the Liverpool 2000/01 Treble Winners set, with Stephane Henchoz, Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler in home kit and Michael Owen in away kit.

As for Manchester United the 4 were Fabien Barthez who was in Prostars Series 9, Roy Keane who is the ProStars Series 10 figure, Andy Cole who was in ProStars Series 12 and Ryan Giggs who was part of the Collectors Edition Series.

The figures were released in sets of 2 and available for 2 weeks before a new set was introduced, the sets and releae dates were detailed on the window box and were as follows:

07/11/01 - 20/11/01 = Roy Keane & Robbie Fowler

21/11/01 - 04/12/01 = Andy Cole & Michael Owen

05/12/01 - 18/12/01 =  Fabien Barthez & Stephane Henchoz

19/12/01 - 01/01/02 = Ryan Giggs & Steven Gerrard

Of course the actual figures themselves are very common due to them not being exclusive and featuring in other ProStars series, however these Lucozade Sport Window Boxes are incredibly rare and are seldom seen for sale.

Figure List:

PRO489 - Stephane Henchoz - Liverpool - Home 2000/01

PRO494 - Steven Gerrard - Liverpool - Home 2000/01

PRO495 - Robbie Fowler - Liverpool - Home 2000/01

PRO497 - Michael Owen - Liveprool - Away 2000/01

PRO322 - Fabien Barthez - Manchester United - Home 2000/01

PRO399 - Roy Keane - Manchester United - Home 2000/01

PRO425 - Andy Cole - Manchester United - Home 2000/01

PRO529 - Ryan Giggs - Manchester United - Home 2000/01