Corinthian launched the 2001 Corinthian Collector Club on the 1st of February 2001, with 4 different levels of membership, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level of membership came with a different package, tailored to suit every type of collector.

The Bronze membership cost just £10 for the year and came with 4 exclusive ProStars figures which are Nigel Winterburn in West Ham United home kit, Ugo Ehiogu in Middlesbrough home kit, Gareth Southgate in Aston Villa home kit and Gianfranco Zola in Chelsea away kit.

This was Winterburns second and last appearance in the ProStars range, the sculpt being the same as previously released for Arsenal in the 1999/00 team pack and also in the FAPL Collection. The same applies to Southgate, who featured for England in the 1999/00 team pack and also for Villa in the FAPL Collection.

This was the first ProStars release of Ehiogu, the sculpt being the same as we saw for Villa in the FAPL Collection, his only other ProStars release would be in the Stars of the Season 2002/03 series, and of course in the Fan Favourites Middlesbrough cup winners pack. This sculpt of the little Italian Zola was the same as first used in the Chelsea 1999/00 team pack and would feature again in the ProStars range.

Members who joined at Gold or Platinum level (Gold costing £50 and Platinum £100) would receive as part of their packge 2 additional exclusive figures, those being Fernando Redondo in AC Milan away kit and Robbie Keane in Inter Milan away kit. Both figures featured in their respective clubs home kits as part of ProStars Series 10. Despite being exclusives, all 6 figures are easily obtained and inexpensive.

The figures came in a clear sachet and were issued with collector card

Figure List:

PRO430 - Gareth Southgate - Aston Villa - Home 2000/01

PRO431 - Gianfranco Zola - Chelsea - Away 2000/01

PRO432 - Ugo Ehiogu - Middlesbrough - Home 2000/01

PRO433 - Nigel Winterburn - West Ham United - Home 2000/01

PRO434 - Fernando Redondo - AC Milan - Away 2000/01

PRO435 - Robbie Keane - Inter Milan - Away 2000/01