Corinthian enjoyed success with their range of MicroStars in Mexico, so in the Summer of 2006 they released a set of 8 ProStars figures in Mexico home kit, with the figures being exclusively sold and distributed in Mexico.

Corinthian made no mention of the figures existence in any of the newsletters issued to collector club members, to many there were just 8 collector code gaps in their collection and for a while it was assumed they were never released.

The set of 8 is superbly put together, from the bright and vibrant Aztec style blister pack, to the quality of the sculpts, 5 of which we never saw again, all adds up to making this series one of my favourites Corinthian ever released.

There are 8 figures in the set, 6 of which were first time sculpts! Jared Borgetti was first released in the kit of Bolton Wanderers as part of ProStars Series 32 and then in Mexico home kit as part of the 2006 Convention series. The 2 Brogetti figures for Mexico are in the same home kit, the collector codes differ of course and the best way to tell them apart is the boots, the 2006 Convention Series has him with Blue boots, the Mexico Series has him wearing Orange boots.

Rafael Marquez had been released a few times for Barcelona prior to this, with the sculpt used here being the second sculpt of him and the one which was also used in the Barcelona Champions of Europe 2006 team pack.

Giovanni Dos Santos got his first ever ProStars release, with the only other release of him being in Barcelona home kit as part of ProStars Classics Series 3.

The other 5 were are first time sculpts and would never be released by Corinthian again, those being Oswaldo Sanchez, Carlos Vela, Pavel Pardo, Carlos Salcido and Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

The figures have always been rare and hard to find given their country of release and the fact it was never possible to order them direct from Corinthian. Goalkeeper Sanchez and forward Blanco have always been the 2 most sought after, with Vela often required to be repainted into Arsenal kits, however my personal favourite has always been Salcido, an excelletly detailed sculpt full of character.

The figures were released as single blister packs and came issued with an individually numbered collector card, with each blister pack being limited to just 3,186 pieces worldwide.

Figure List:

PRO1420 - Oswaldo Sanchez - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1421 - Jared Borgetti - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1422 - Carlos Salcido - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1423 - Pavel Pardo - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1424 - Rafael Marquez - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1425 - Cuauhtemoc Blanco - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1426 - Giovanni Dos Santos - Mexico - Home 2006

PRO1427 - Carlos Vela - Mexico - Home 2006