The 2006 Corinthian Convention took place at Villa Park on the 20th of May, which would be the launch date for the next set of ProStars Select 500 figures.

There were 4 new ProStars Select 500 on offer, with 1 been given away free for every £50 spent in any one shop at the convention. The 4 figures are Damien Duff and Claude Makelele for Chelsea, Deco for Barcelona and Patrick Vieira for Juventus, all were painted in 2005/06 away kits.

This set never really grabbed the attention of collectors and feel it lacked the star power of previous editions, and they are all relatively obtainable today and inexpensive to when compared with all the others in the series.

Figure List:

PRO1442 - Deco - Barcelona - Away 2005/06

PRO1443 - Claude Makelele - Chelsea - Away 2005/06

PRO1444 - Patrick Vieira - Juventus - Away 2005/06

PRO1445 - Damien Duff - Chelsea - Away 2005/06