The early part of 2008 saw Corinthian release 4 more ProStars Select 500 figures, the figures chosen for release were Cesc Fabregas in Arsenal Centenary Kit, Alessandro Del Piero Juventus 2007/08 Away Kit, Zinedine Zidane Juventus 1996/97 Away Kit and Lionel Messi Barcelona 2007/08 Away Kit. From those 4, only Zidane had previously featured in a Select 500 series.

Collectors were able to obtain 1 figure free by spending £50 with Corinthian via their online shop, however you were unable to  select which figure you would receive. By this time Corinthian were not releasing newsletters or mail order catalogues, so only collectors who used the online shop would have been aware of this promotion.

It is a release which never grabbed any headlines or had the notoriety of the Japan release figures, but it was still a star studded line up.

Fabregas is the most accessible of the 4 as you would imagine, but the Zidane, Del Piero and Messi are all very hard to find, as you would imagine, and it is the only ProStars Select 500 of Messi released.

Figure List:

PRO1736 - Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal - Home Centenary 2005/06

PRO1737 - Alessandro Del Piero - Juventus - Away 2007/08

PRO1738 - Zinedine Zidane - Juventus - Away 1996/97

PRO1739 - Lionel Messi - Barcelona - Away 2007/08