Corinthian releaed it's first range of Sharp Shooters Air Fresheners in the later part of 2000.

These figures were larger than ProStars and done in action poses, with the figures having a bobble head and the base was an air freshener unit.

The figures were in a sealed plastic blister pack, with 7 figures being in the range, Thierry Henry for Arsenal, Dennis Wise for Chelsea, Michael Owen for Livepool, Henrik Larsson for Celtic and 3 Manchester United players, David Beckham, Jaap Stam and Fabien Barthez.

Stam and Barthez came only as a double pack but the rest were done as single blisters, by no means a popular range with collector's, however some can be very tricky to find, especially in a good condition blister as they are very prone to the plastic yellowing.


Thiery Henry - Arsenal - Home 200/01

Dennis Wise - Chelsea - Home 2000/01

Michael Owen - Liverpool - Home 2000/01

David Beckham - Manchester United - Home 2000/01

Fabien Barthez - Manchester United - Home 2000/01

Jaap Stam - Manchester United - Home 2000/01

Henrik Larsson - Celtic - Home 2000/01