Over the years Corinthian had constantly been asked to produce a game to go along with their figures, and Corinthian answered by producing the SuperClub Football game.

The Match Day Edition was released in early November 2000 and came with everything you needed to play the game, the pack included 22 ProStars figures, 11 Blue bases and 11 White bases which acted as the players boots and where circular plastic moulded discs that the figures slotted into, 2 goals, 2 Goal Keeper rods, 3 footballs,1 Super Club pitch and rules sheet, with the initial release price for the game being £30.

Corinthian did offer varations on the figures inside but to collectors this is always classed as the Match Day Edition, however there was a second version released.

Corinthian held a Chelsea Day at Stamford Bridge on the 21st of December 2000, with a host of activities taking place such as live auctions, preview of up coming ProStars ranges, a Pick 'N' Mix area, demonstrations of the new Super Club Football Game and of course the launch of a limited edition version of the game!

This version is called 'Chelsea Select XI V England Legends XI' which had the 11 outfield players from the Chelsea 1999 team pack, and the 11 England Legends from ProStars Series 3 but on a Gold base, making them part of the Club Gold range.

Every collector who attended received a Bobby Moore England away Gold based figure inside a Classics window box, which completed the set of England Legends on Gold base when added to the 11 found in this exclusive edition of the SuperClub Football game.

Corinthian produced 500 sets, with 400 selling on the day and the remaining 100 being sent back to Corinthian who then made it available to it's collector club members. The Chelsea edition can be very hard to find given it's low production and is certainly a rare item to find boxed.

Corinthian also produced 2 other versions of the SuperClub Football Game, which are 'England v European SuperStars' and 'Rangers v World SuperStars'

The 'Rangers v World SuperStars' version was requested by Rangers football club and contained 11 Rangers figures and 11 World SuperStars from Corinthians exisiting stock, and like the Match Day Edition the box contents will have varied for each pack. An incredibly rare box set and something which is almost never seen for sale.

The 'England v European SuperStars' featured 11 England figures and 11 European national kit figures from Corinthian's back catalogue of existing figures. I do not have an image for this particular box, but i assume like the Chlesea and Rangers versions that it will to have a sticker on the front of the box stating it is the England v European SuperStars edition.