The Corinthian collector's in Japan have always had a love affair with the divine ponytail Roberto Baggio, so it was no surprise when Corinthian's Japanes distributor 'New Wave' asked Corinthian to produce a set of 4 Roberto Baggio XL ProStars figures, forming the Baggio Career Series.

There are 4 in the set, which were released in April 2001 with the vast majority of stock of course going direct to Japan, however Corinthian was able to secure 504 of each figure to sell to UK Collectors.

Baggio was done for 3 different Italian Serie A teams along with an Italy national home kit figure, with each sculpt being unique, the 4 teams being AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus.

The figures came with individually numbered certificates of authenticity, however it does not state on the COA how many of each sculpt was produced, nor was that information ever disclosed by Corinthian.

A further 2 Roberto Baggio XL ProStars were released, which features him in the Italy national home and away kit as worn at the USA 1994 World Cup. There were 1,350 home kit and 1000 away kit figures produced. In addition to this Corinthian produced a 2 pack, however i am unsure as to how many 2 packs were made as the certificates are numbered but they are the same ones as used in the single boxes, a further note is that the certificates in the 2 pack are not identical for the home and away kit as you might imagine, the numbers are different and not sequencial.

The XL figures are 15cm high and were released in a gift box which came with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Figure List:

XL011 - Roberto Baggio - Juventus - Home

XL012 - Roberto Baggio - AC Milan - Home

XL013 - Roberto Baggio - Inter Milan - Home

XL014 - Roberto Baggio - Italy- Home

XL048 - Roberto Baggio - Italy - Home

XL049 - Roberto Baggio - Italy - Away