There are 6 figures released as part of the England Three Lions Special Edition series of XL ProStars.

The first England Three Lions XL figure released was David Beckham in England home kit (xXL019), with the figure being released at the Corinthian Convention, held at Villa Park on the 25th & 26th of May 2006, with the Beckham XL limited to just 3150 pieces worldwide, however just 750 were available in the UK.

David Beckham in all White England home kit, with captains armband and shaven head (XL021) was released at the Memorabillia show held at the NEC in Birmingham on the 16th & 17th of November 2002, with just 500 available at the show, but 6774 were produced in total.

Another Beckham was released at the same Memorabilia show, which has him with Moheican hairstyle and Yellow captains armband (XL022), with again just 500 being available at the show, but a total of 13,830 were produced.

Michael Owen in Red England away kit was only avilable by joining the 2003 Corinthian Collector Club at Gold or Platinum level, with just 4050 pieces being made.

The final Beckham in this series is the same sculptas the all White home kit version, however he has navy shorts and a navy trim on his socks (XL027). This was produced as there was still demand for that initial Beckham but as Corinthian had individually numbered the certificates it was not possible to then produce more, so they released this new version on the 20th January 2003, with a total of 3000 being made but only 1000 were available in the UK.

The last release as part of the England Three Lions Special Edition XL series is Sol Campbell in England home kit, with the figure being released at the 2003 Corinthian Covention, held at Villa Park  on May 31st and June 1st, with the figure having just 1570 produced in total, 1200 of those were available in the UK.

The XL figures are 15cm high and were released in a gift box which came with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Figure List:

XL019 - David Beckham - England - Home

XL021 - DAvid Beckham - England - Home

XL022 - David Beckham - England - Home

XL025 - Michael Owen - England - Away

XL027 - David Beckham - England - Home

XL034 - Sol Campbell - England - Home