There were 5 figures released as part of the England Series of XL ProStars, all in a very patriotic Red gift box design.

The first figure released was Rio Ferdinand in England home kit, a super sculpt and one which proved very popular with collectors. The Ferdinand was released on the 28th July 2003 and was limited to 1290 pieces.

The 2003 Corinthian Collector Club was immensely popular, so much so that Corinthian exhausted the stocks of the 2 XL figures members at Platinum level would receive, so they had to produce to new figures to meet this demand for memberships, one the two new figures is Paul Scholes in England home kit, with members applying after the 1st August getting this figure in their members package, and limited to just 1506 pieces.

Michael Owen joined the series, with his England home kit figure being released on the 17th November 2003, limited to ust 1467 pieces worldwide.

Wayne Rooney England home kit XL044 was released in January 2004 , exclusively in Japan initially, however Corinthian did acquire limited stock to be sold at the annual Corinthian Convention which took place at Villa Park on the 20th & 30th May 2004, with the Rooney limited to just 1000 pieces worldwide!

The 5th and final figure released in the England Series is Wayne Rooney in England home kit and it is a figure which i often feel gets over looked by collectors. It was initially used in a promotion done by ARGOS, with the un sold stock going back to Corinthian, who subsequently made it available on their online shop. This figure did not come with an individually numbered certificate, and it was never disclosed how many were produced.

The XL figures are 15cm high and were released in a gift box which came with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Figure List:

XL037 - Rio Ferdinand - England - Home

XL039 - Paul Scholes - England - Home

XL040 - Michael Owen - England - Home

XL044 - Wayne Rooney - England - Home

XL045 - Wayne Rooney - England - Home