There are 6 figures which were released in Serie A style packaging, as part of the XL ProStars range.

The first of these figures is the Alessandro Del Piero in Juventus home kit, with the figure being included in the Corinthian Serie A Gift Pack, which contained 4 ProStars, 1 Sharp Shooter, 1 Key Stars and 1 XL figure.

Rivaldo in AC Milan home kit was the second released, on the 24th March 2003 and being limited to just 2880 pieces.

31st of May 2003 saw the third figure released in this series, which was 'El Batigol' Gabirel Batistuta in Inter Milan home kit, with the figure limited to 2713 pieces.

Roberto Baggio in Bresci home kit was released on the 23rd of June 2003 and limited to 5835 pieces, production of any Baggio figure was always higher given his popularity in Japan.

The 2003 Corinthian Collector Club was proved so popular that Corinthian ran out of the XL figures it offered as part of it's membership package, so 2 new figures had to be produced, one of those was Alessandro Del Piero in Italy home kit, with applications received after 1st August 2003 receiving the figure. This figure was limited to just 1509 pieces.

The final figure in this series is Dutch legend Ruud Gullit, in the Red & Black of AC Milan. The figure was released in January 2004,  initially being exclusive to Japan, though Corinthian did acquire limited stock which was avilable at the annual Corinthian Convention, which took place at Villa Park on the 29th & 30th of May 2004. The figure was limited to just 1000 pieces worldwide!

The XL figures are 15cm high and were released in a gift box which came with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Figure List:

XL023 - Alessandro Del Piero - Juventus - Home

XL028 - Rivaldo - AC Milan - Home

XL035 - Gabriel Batistuta - Inter Milan - Home

XL036 - Roberto Baggio - Brescia - Home

XL038 - Alessandro Del Piero - Italy - Home

XL043 - Ruud Gullit - AC Milan - Home