There are 6 figures released under the World Club Legends banner as part of the XL range of ProStars.

The first two which were released are 2 icons of the game, Diego Maradon and Michel Platini, in their respective club kits. The Maradona in Napoli kit and Platini in the famours Black & White stripes of Juventus were released as part of the Corinthian Collector Club 2001 package, with Maradona been part of the Gold Membership and Platini part of Platinum Membership (members at Platinum level also received the Maradona XL)

They were limited edition and each one came issued with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, with Maradona limited to 2000 pieces aand Platini just 1500.

The WCL XL figure of Gianluca Vialli as Chelsea manager was released at the 2001 Corinthian Convention, which took place at Villa Park on the 28th & 29th of April, with the Vialli limited to just 1200 pieces worldwide.

The Corinthian Collector Club package changed annually, with the 2002 club having a whole new set of figures given to members. The XL figure of David Beckham in Manchester United Centenary away kit was give at Gold Membership level, with Platinum Members would receive the Beckham and also Peter Schmeichel in Aston Villa home kit. Beckham was limited to 2210 pieces and Schmeichel just 1180.

One thing to mention is that although the Schmeiche is officially XL020, there was a factory error, so under the base he is actually stamped as XL017, the same as Vialli.

The final XL released under the World Club Legends banner is perhaps my favourite of the entire Xl range (though it must be said i have never been a huge fan of the XL range) which is Ronaldo in Brazil home kit, the sculpt work is exemplary. Ronaldo was released as part of the Corinthian Collector Club 2003 package, given to Platinum level members only and limited to just 2750 pieces worldwide.

The XL figures are 15cm high and were released in a gift box which came with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Figure List:

XL015 - Diego Maradona - Napoli - Home

XL016 - Michel Platini - Juventus - Home

XL017 - Gianluca Vialli - Chelsea - Suit

XL018 - David Beckham - Manchester United - Away

XL020 - Peter Schmeichel - Aston Villa - Home

XL026 - Ronaldo - Brazil - Home