On this page you will find invaluable Corinthian and SoccerStarz related websites, along with online stores purchase figures from.



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Lennart's Corinthians is a superb Corinthian & SoccerStarz resource, created by Dutch collector Lennart Van de Winkel.

Paragon Toys And Collectibles is an Ebay store which carries the best selection of Corinthian figures available. Covering all Corinthian ranges, Headliners, ProStars and Microstars, with literally thousands of figures available including loose, blisters, platinum packs and team packs!

Corinthian Seller is your go to place for Corinthian MicroStars and also SoccerStarz, with the largest selection of SoccerStarz available anywhere on line. is an almanac for collectors of Sports Figures. Here you will find a searchable catalog of thousands of mass-produced figures arranged into hundreds of pages of images and release information.

Corinthian ProStars, MicroStrs & SoccerStarz is a Facebook group with over 3,500 members, bringing together collector's from all over the world! It is a superb place to place to buy and sell figures and of course, connect with fellow collector's. is an excellent place to find a wide range of Corinthian Headliners and ProStars figures. also has an Ebay store, with fresh stock always been added, holding an extensive back catalogue of figures and collector cards.