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Welcome to Pro-Glu

The home of innovative equine hoof-care products and techniques

We are a “One -Stop Shop” for farriers and hoof care professionals who are looking for Adhesive and glue-on horseshoe solutions, information and products.


Our online-store of Urethanes (PU) & Acrylics (MMA) can be used with Horse & Pony Coils™, Iron-Block™, Soundhorse™, Glushu™, Pro-Glu Horseshoe™, Easyshoe™, Triple-R™, Duplo™, Polyflex™   as well as direct glueing of aluminium & steel horseshoes. Our free online tutorial videos and descriptions accompany many of the products in the shop which give great information on how to get the best from your purchases.


Along with our range of adhesives and “glue-on” horseshoes we have all the equipment needed for a complete “glueing set-up”. We also have an extensive range of glass fibre, rubber strand & powder additive-substrates which can be used for hoof and quarter crack repairs and for reinforcing and protecting the sole.  Other sole protection is available with our range of polyester casting tape and Dental Impression Material (DIM) which is available as a “kit” with additives to alter the Shore Hardness depending on your requirements


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