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I've created, designed and written trailers for games. These have been for LEGO, mobile games and freemium titles. I've also created a successful Kickstarter video for Julian Gollop's reboot of Chaos. Two examples are below.


LEGO Brain Attack trailer (game produced by Amuzo) - viewed over 2m times

Kickstarter campaign video for Julian Gollop's reboot of his 8 bit classic, Chaos. The campaign raised over $200,000



Research – including historical and cultural research

Character design – writing back-story bibles and character histories

Plotting – bringing drama and player engagement to the fore

Presentation tools for story – so the whole team has the big picture

Dialogue writing – fast service, in your format

Directing – painting the big picture for VO artists

Mentoring – helping new writers get up to speed and reach their potential

I've been writing for the interactive world for over 15 years. Happy to work freelance, contract, on-site or remote. Past clients include Realtime Worlds, Creative Assembly and 4T2. I've been a player since the 8bit era and was one of the first BAFTA games judges back in the late 90s. Ask for samples.

A teaser trailer for a new strategy game, Aura 3D. This trailer is used for early promotion to help raise development funds.

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