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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) : a patient's guide

including Functional/Dissociative (non-epileptic) Seizures,  Functional Movement Disorder and other functional symptoms



Edinburgh Fringe Event

In 2013,2014 and 2015 I was part of a University of Edinburgh event on the Edinburgh Fringe, one of the largest arts festivals in the world.


The event was part of a series organised by the Beltane Network and hosted by Susan Morrison, columnist and comedian, to raise awareness of new topics in medicine and science that the general public may not be aware of.


This is a clip from 2015 where Susan and I discuss what functional neurological disorders are and how they are diagnosed. I talk to a patient, Kathryn, who describes her dissociative seizures (about 16 minutes in).


Many thanks to Bridget Mildon at for organising recording of the video. I hope you find it helpful

Jamie Lacelle shares her story of FND with movement difficulties and pain.


She explains the delay in diagnosis and then how she improved with physiotherapy over a long period of time.


There are quite a lot of clips of the physio itself and Jamie wanted to send a message of hope and courage for others.


Congratulations Jamie for making this video to help others in the same situation

How am I running when I cant walk?

Miranda Licence was working as a primary school teacher when she developed a functional gait  (walking) disorder as part of FND.


This tremendous short film sees Miranda looking back at her walking problems and the physiotherapy treatment she had to help 'retrain the brain'.


Not everyone with FND can achieve these kinds of recovery but films like this are important to offer hope for those in the process of treatment.

Georgia's Race Against FND


A wonderful film showing how FND is confusing and its hard to find health professionals who understand it, but with persistence it is possible to improve.


'The bad days make the good days'

Functional Neurological Disorder - an introduction

An introductory film about the diagnosis and treatment of FND completed in December 2018 by the Dutch film company iTZiT productions, with grateful thanks for funding by Spohr Innovations.

The film has been designed to describe what FND is (particularly functional motor symptoms like paralysis and movement disorders), how its diagnosed and how treatment can help. Features:  Marieke, Rachel, Simon,  and Rien Vermeulen (Neurology, Amsterdam), Jon Stone (Neurology, Edinburgh), Alan Carson (Neuropsychiatry), Bart van Buchem (Physiotherapist, Amsterdam). With thanks as well to Stichting FNS, FNDHope, NHS Lothian, University of Edinburgh and Fysiotherapie Haarlem - Praktijk Noorder Spaarne


"dis-sociated" is the first documentary length film about dissociative seizures - released in January 2019

It follows the lives of five individuals living with dissociative seizures. Through their testimonies and the thoughts of leading specialists, dis-sociated seeks to uncover some of the mysteries around this baffling and misunderstood condition.

Trigger Warning *Flashing lights from 09:15 - 09:30*.

Directed, Produced & Edited by Clea Martin Vargas

FND - on 'Insight' Australian TV

This video is from an Australian National TV program called Insight broadcast on 13th Sep 2016.


Functional Neurological Disorder is discussed from 20:58. Three patients, with a gait disorder, a movement disorder and episodes of limb weakness/seizures talk about their diagnosis and how physiotherapy and psychological therapy has helped them.


Miranda who tells her story first also features in a great short film which you can see on the gait disorder page.


Please note that the first 20 minutes of this program are NOT about FND. There is a discussion of health anxiety, which does occur in a small proportion of people with FND but most people with FND do not have health anxiety. The video should start at 20:58 which is when the segment about FND starts.

A selection of videos about FND. click on the 'full screen' symbol if you want to view them in a larger format

Click on the Video menu above to see other videos relevant to FND or that may help you understand the brain

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