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At present we have accommodation for 26 residents. With 20 single and 3 double rooms, most offering en-suite facilities with an additional 4 bathrooms, including normal and medic-assisted baths and a walk-in shower.


The dining room has spectacular views over the Firth of Clyde. A really inspiring venue from which to enjoy one’s meals. The menu is varied and all meals are prepared in-house by an experienced catering manager and support staff with specific dietry requirements catered for. There is a strong emphasis on fresh produce and home catering which is very popular with the residents.


The large combined lounge and garden room to the rear of the building has tranquil views over the gardens and patio areas. The lounge is equipped with television and video facilities where many of the daily activities take place. The garden room is bright and airy which leads out to the patio where the residents also enjoy outdoor activities like gardening and enjoy afternoon tea when the weather allows. The front patio has had the addition of a large gazebo where the residents can shelter from the sun on those bright sunny days.

There is also a quiet lounge to the north of the building where residents and their families can enjoy quality time on their own.

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