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We want residents to enjoy living at Haylie House and our aim is to provide a peaceful, comfortable, safe, homely, caring environment, whilst delivering high quality services for each person we support.


We treat every resident with compassion, dignity, and respect in line with the National Health & Social Care Standards as outlined below:

We will ensure the care and support and wellbeing of every resident is well planned, individualised, person centered, monitored and reviewed.


We will ensure residents live in quality accommodation, and an environment which is safe, clean and well maintained.


We will ensure they have access to all Health Care Professionals to maintain their health and wellbeing needs.


We will provide high quality nutritionally balanced menus to meet any dietary / cultural needs.


We will provide opportunities for residents to take part in activities both in the home and within the local community and maintain any particular interest or connections they may have.


We will provide a welcoming atmosphere to visitors and relatives and to consult with residents and relatives/friends in all aspects of the home, including any improvements that are planned.


We will ensure residents experience meaningful contact that meets their needs and wishes and have access to good WiFi to connect via the internet.


We will ensure that staff have all been recruited and trained and have the right knowledge, competence and skills for their role.


We will ensure a robust quality assurance system is in place to monitor and evaluate all aspects of care, support, performance of staff, health and safety measures and all maintenance within the home.​





To maintain the financial viability of the home by achieving excellent occupancy rates and retaining the very well-regarded reputation of the home In the Largs and surrounding areas.


To ensure the continued succession of an experienced Leadership team, through succession planning and capacity building.





To retain a skilled, competent workforce who are trained to accredited levels of qualifications in Health and Social Care providing the highest levels of care and support.


To ensure safe staffing levels are in place with the correct skill mix through robust rota planning.





Through self-evaluation, identify areas for improvement within the home to ensure residents experience high quality accommodation and facilities.

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