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He worked for several years with acclaimed  indian        

musicians Jayanta Bose, Rajeeb Chakraborty and Tanmoy Bose.


He has produced several recordings of his work the most recent 'The Silk Road'.

('all the while Steve's incredible guitar technique is in evidence, not just tremendous speed but originality, sensitivity and musicality too.... Steve Homes is a truly great composer and musician.' From a recent review by Alan Haigh, Flamenco News)




Notable UK venues he has performed at include The Royal Festival Hall, The Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican, The National Theatre, The Commonwealth Institute, Ronnie Scotts . The Glastonbury Festival, Dillington Guitar Festival and Folkeast Festival as well as many TV and radio appearances.



Steve Homes began playing at the age of ten giving his first performance aged fourteen, teaching himself from recordings of Sabicas and later Paco de Lucia. His compositions are based on traditional forms of flamenco but are influenced by many other musical forms. Titles like 'Hungry Tiger'  reflect the growing tradition of flamenco.


He is currently composing, performing solo and with the deCasas trio. He does many guest appearances with other flamenco groups and has been part of many fusion projects, notably featuring on the highly successful  Japanese anime 'bleach'.


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