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At Get Hip we try to have a band on each night that fits in with the style of music played by the DJ's which is 60s Soul, R&B, Latin, Hammond Grooves, Jazz, Ska and Garage & Psych. So far we have had on The Mourning After (Sheffield), The Chessmen (Leeds), The Citadels (Teesside), The Galileo 7 (Kent) which was joint event with Fast Forward Promotions, Thee Strawberry Mynde (Teesside),  The See No Evils (Leeds), Green Fuzz (Teesside), Nervous Twitch (Leeds), The Milk Lizards (Sunderland), Thee Girl Fridays (Edinburgh), Oilbirds (Teesside), Thee Dagger Debs (London/Brighton), The Jack Cades (Warwick/Folkstone/Brighton), The Voo-Dooms (London).


We are always on the look out for bands that will fit in at Get Hip. So if you think your band would go down well at Get Hip then please get in touch.


To give you an idea of the kind of sounds we play at Get Hip I've put together a playlist on YouTube of some of the 45s that you are likely to hear been played by the DJ's. To have a listen just click on the link below -


                                                                   GET HIP PLAYLIST


Jan Jack Cades
Mar Voo Dooms
Green Room GH thee girl fridays