'Le Kilt' by Kevin Donnelly
The sequel to ‘Chancers, Dancers and Romancers’ is almost here!!

Objects of The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal
The objects of the association shall be to promote the welfare of children in need in the countries we visit to watch Scotland’s national football team play, in such ways as are charitable in law.

All monies raised via the sale of these items (excluding PayPal fees) are used by The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal to donate wherever Scotland are playing an away game, with no costs being used by the Steering Group to run the charity.


Whatever happened to the author of ‘Chancers, Dancers and Romancers’?

Did Kevin let fame go to his head and quit whilst he was ahead?


Of course he didn’t and his hotly anticipated sequel ‘Le Kilt’ is now available for pre-order, with ‘Le Kilt’ following our merry band of Scotland fans to France 98, with a large dash of Irish terrorism to accompany it.


Your copy of the book will not just come direct from the author but will be exclusively signed by Kevin.


As was the case with his original book, all proceeds from the book sales are very kindly being donated to the Sunshine Appeal by Kevin Donnelly, which we greatly appreciate.

£13.50 each  (including 2nd class uk postage)


Standard dispatch to UK addresses, but if you contact us, we can advise costs for International deliveries.

PayPal immediately please.


If you have any questions or requests, then we'd be happy to hear from you.

'Le Kilt' by Kevin Donnelly