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Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal - Beer Lanyard 'The Pasty'


Objects of The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal

The objects of the association shall be to promote the welfare of children in need in the countries we visit to watch Scotland’s national football team play, in such ways as are charitable in law.


All monies raised via the sale of these items (excluding PayPal fees) are used by The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal to donate wherever Scotland are playing an away game, with no costs being used by the Steering Group to run the charity.



We bring you The Pasty, to raise (or in this case, hold) a glass to remember our long time friend.


Michael 'Pasty' Pace was a well kent face on away trips and a long time supporter of the Sunshine Appeal, who sadly passed upon his return from the game in Oslo.


His family recognised his affiliation with the Sunshine Appeal, with the collection at his funeral being split between us and MND, as well as the money from the sale of his bike being donated to the Sunshine Appeal.


Naming the Beer Lanyard after Pasty is our small way for both saying thanks to his family and for all his football friends raising a glass to him.





The lanyard is polyester material and is printed both sides with 'Scotland' and 'Everywhere We Go' with our Logo between the words

Size is 900mm long and 20mm wide - this means its approx 400mm/420mm deep when looped round your neck



Is made from silicone, which will stretch around bottles/cans/cups and is printed with 'Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal' with our Logo on each side of this.

Size is 202mm long and 20mm wide (2mm thick) - this means its approx 60/65mm diameter for holding your drink and will stretch a little, so it still holds the bottle/can/cup


See attached picutres from the manufacturer to get a better visual impression of the item



Dark blue background with all words printed in white and our logo in colour.


Please Note : Colour representation is subject to manufacturing variance and may not be exact. Also note that monitor settings may vary from computer to computer and may distort actual colours. Please read these terms thoroughly before purchasing.



Standard dispatch to UK addresses but if you contact us, we can advise costs for International deliveries.



PayPal immediately please.



If you have any questions or requests then we'd be happy to hear from you.

Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal - Beer Lanyard 'The Pasty'

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