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SOME QUESTIONS to ask your parents/grandparents …. (NOTE: if you can show them one of the photos on this site, this often helps to trigger distant memories in older people!)


We are trying to discover when the first members of the family arrived in Brazil and where they came from. Can you remember what your parents and grandparents told you about the past?


Do you know how many generations of your ancestors have lived in Rincao/Bambui/Tapirai area?

Do you know how long your family has been in Brazil? Who was the first person to arrive? Where did they come from? Did they settle in this part of Minas Gerais straight away or did they start off somewhere else?


Has anyone ever mentioned any of your ancestors coming from the Azores? Or do you think they all lived in Portugal?


Do you think the first settlers from your family came as single men or as families with wives and children.

Please send any information you discover to Sue or Cledia and we will add it to this website

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