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T O M    G W Y T H E R


Tom Gwyther is a professional pianist, saxophonist and vocalist.  He started playing piano at the age of five and has continued every since, playing solo and in groups around the UK, USA and Europe.

Tom gwyther started playing professionally when he went to Southdowns College. It was there that he met and worked with other like-minded musicians, quickly gaining the confidence and skills needed to play in a variety of bands, record original works in a studio and bring his music to the public on tour. Having made great contacts and great friends at college, Tom Gwyther was now ready to enter the world of the professional musician.

Working in and around Portsmouth in his teenage years gave Tom a range of different musical acts to work with. A rock band 'Cinder', a 14 piece funk/soul band who played all originals around London and the south. He also toured with the official INXS tribute band as well as a host of other groups, bands, solo performances and recording sessions.

Throughout all of this, Tom Gwyther played with his own jazz group 'Tomfoolery' later renamed 'Mista Blista' A group which ran for around twelve years playing a variety of gigs, including support for the James Taylor Quartet. Their album of originals and covers can be heard via the 'Media' page.

This group spawned a smaller jazz duo 'Astoria's Lounge' with Tom Gwyther on piano and Mary Robbins on vocals which ran for many years with this line up and continues to this day, albeit with a different vocalist. You can hear this group in its current form by clicking the Media button.

Email:                          Tel:   (+44)     077 177 63 577                          Backstage

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