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Mike Hughes and Fatima Labeed have collectively over 50 years of experience in dielectrophoresis research. Fatima is a clinical biochemist by first degree; Mike an electronic engineer; both have been involved in FEP since their PhDs. Between them, they have supervised 24 DEP PhDs, published 80 scientific papers on DEP, as well as three books and five patents on the subject.


Fatima's research interests cover the application of DEP for the study of cell biology, including chronobiology, cell differentiation, cancer biology and blood cells; Mike's research includes instrumentation development, diagnostics, biophysics theory and nanotechnology.  Fatima's group webpage can be found here and she can be emailed here; Mike's group webpage can be found here and he can be emailed here.


The network has unparalleled lab facilities to meet your  cell electrophysiology and separation requirements; as co-developers of the 3DEP cytometer we have the world's largest 3DEP laboratory, supplemented with other electrophysiology characterisation tools for zeta potential and membrane potential measurement; we also have a cell separation suite including standard Deparators and versions that can be modified to suit specialist requirements.   We also have comprehensive facilities for both cell culture and cold storage (-85C as standard, -195C available)

Please get in touch via this link to discuss your requirements.





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