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Clare Pentlow


Paper continues to be a fascination for Clare hand cutting and folding creating ever more intricate and textured artworks. She enjoys challenging the perception of paper as an ordinary material transforming it to be extraordinary constantly refining and looking for perfection whilst embracing the versatile qualities of strength and fragility. Through precision hand cutting and folding, her pieces evolve over time through methodical repetitive motions building layer upon layer resulting in highly textured mesmerising pieces of art which draw the viewer in. The methodical approach Clare takes is rooted in her love of maths and science continually being inspired by patterns and colours in nature.

Selected Exhibitions

Rugby Artists and Makers Exhibition, Floor 1, Rugby Art Gallery, June/July 2021

ING Discerning Eye Online, London, December 2020

RBSA Solo Exhibition, Birmingham, December 2020

Online Open, Old Lock Up Gallery, Cromford,  May/June 2020

Top Drawer, London Olympia, January 2020

Positive Emotions, Kunsthuis Gallery, Yorkshire, April - February 2020

Precious Collective Group Show, Plymouth, April 2019

Cluster Crafts, Truman Brewery, London, October 2018

250th Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy of Arts, London, June - August 2018 

MADE, The Qube, Oswestry, July - August 2018 

Including a series of workshops set over 6 weeks, working with teachers and carers 

Warwickshire Open Studios, Dunchurch, Rugby, June 2021  

Dunchurch, Rugby, June 2019  

University Hospital Cov & Warwick, June 2018   

Fosse House Gallery, June 2017   

Garden Gate, June 2015   

Weave, Jewellery Residency, June 2013 

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Open Exhibition, March 2019     

Next Wave Artist Exhibition, Sep 2018 - Winner Awarded Associate Membership

Second Floor Studios, No Format Gallery, London, April 2017 

Made London, Canary Wharf, March 2017
Made in the Middle, Touring Exhibition Dec 2016 - 2018, Best Exhibitor Prize Artists and Academics,

Collaboration with Warwick University, Nov 2016
Paper from the ordinary to the extraordinary, Rugby Art Gallery, June/July 2015

Solo Exhibition including Workshops with both children and adults.

Carte Blanche, Hermes, Paris, 2014
Rugby Open, Rugby Art Gallery, 2013 - Overall Prize Winner
Islington Art and Design Fair, London 2010
New Designers, London 2010 


Otter Sculpture Trail, Dartmoor, 2017
Herd Of Sheffield, Sculpture Trail, Summer 2016
Chinese New Year, Paper Monkeys, Black Polar Events, Feb 2016
Liverpool Snowflake Trail, Christmas 2015
WEAVE Jewellery Residency, Warwickshire Open Studios, 2013
Jewellery Showcase, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2011
Poppy’s Papercuts, Freelance Designer, Cards to Window Displays, also helping at wide variety of workshops for all ages and abilities. 


Victoria and Albert Papercraft Book 2018

Kirstie Alsopps Christmas Crafts Book 2013 

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