Sword & Spear is a big battle ancient and medieval wargame.

Warband is a dark ages large skirmish game. It is card driven and hex-based.

Tales of Action & Adventure is a skirmish game covering the period 1600-1900.

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Mark Lewis



I started writing wargames rules because I was not happy with some of the rules I have played, and wanted certain things in the games I play that didn't seem to be currently available in other rules. On this website you will find information about the wargames rules I have written and details of how you can get hold of them. You will hopefully soon find some independently written reviews of my rules and game reports.


The rules I write reflect the type of game I like to play. I consider the most important feature of any set of rules to be the Command & Control mechanics. I like games where you cannot simply move all your troops on your turn. I like there to be restrictions on what you can activate and when. I believe this makes for interesting and challenging decisions, which is what I think games should be all about. Also I like to keep downtime to a minimum, so that both players are involved at all times, and I prefer games you can play with little or no need to refer to the rulebook or even a playsheet.


For more about the games I like to play and the rules that have influenced and inspired me see here.