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British Kempo Ju-Jitsu Federation


Honouring the late Hanshi Bill Heffer, the BKJJF was set up in 1989


Welcome to British Kempo Ju Jitsu Federation, the home of Ju-Jitsu, Kempo Jitsu and Martial Arts in the UK.

The British Kempo Ju-Jitsu Federation is a non political multi style organisation, it is founded on groups who share a common goal in martial arts, we use the internet to communicate regularly with each other and dispense with the age old 'lets meet up and have a meeting' environment. We do not hold annual meetings and information regarding finances are down to the individual member groups.


Becoming a member of the BKJJF is very easy and for the Associate level membership this is completely free and allows new members to post their details on our website, get help building their own site and allows them to attend our courses.


We have a wealth of experience that members can plug into from Chinese styles to Japanese, Korean and other European and Global styles, access to this is competely free of charge at Associate Level membership, so if this is a good thing, why is it so many clubs and instructors still follow lesser qualified and poor quality instructors who frequently over charge and under deliver?


Ju-Jitsu as a way of Life!!


It is encouraging to see so many clubs advertised on the internet, where do they all come from and what are their origins ?  Does it really matter that much,providing the Instructors run the clubs in a professional manner and do not use the club to satisfy their own ego's?


Why is it that Martial Artists are so suspicious of each other, I find it incredible that clubs and associations are not willing to work together more, sharing their ideas and good practice to the overal development of Martial Arts as a whole.


To combat this the British Kempo Ju-Jitsu Federation has developed a three tier membership level, so there is a membership level to suit everyone at all stages of their Martial Arts career, indeed the Associate Member Level is free of charge to all comers with no hidden agenda,

Zen Ju-Jitsu Ryu - the Gentle Art

Kendo night 12-3-12 009

Ju Jitsu - Ken Jitsu - Judo - Karate.- self defence - martial arts -Kempo - Gosport - Fareham - Lee-on-Solent - Stubbington - Hampshire

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Ju Jitsu - Ken Jitsu - Judo - Karate - self defence -

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