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British Kempo Ju-Jitsu Federation


Honouring the late Hanshi Bill Heffer, the BKJJF was set up in 1989


British Kempo Ju Jitsu Federation Club Rules



(a) All members will see that they have clean hands,  feet,  nails cut short also wear no metallic article which may cause injury to an opponent.

(b) Members will wear a clean suit, belt tied correctly  with knot positioned forward.

(c) Sandals should be worn off the mat at all times.

(d) Member's will follow the etiquette of bowing:-


On entering the dojo (training hall).

         Getting on or leaving the mat.

 To the instructor at the start and finish of a class.

To the opponent at the start and finish of a contest or randori.


(e) Members will not smoke in the training hall.

(f) Any member found misusing equipment or any property within the club grounds will be asked to leave the club.

(g) Any member found doing the art of Judo, Ju-Jitsu or any other martial art outside the club,  for any other reason than set out below could be asked to resign from the club.

         As a sport, art or display

As a way of self-defence from attack.


(h) All members will work under any rules laid out by the S.C.M.A.

(i) If any member wishes to make a complaint it must be in writing and the member must send it to the secretary before any action can be taken. Without doing this there is no complaint.

(j) Members or visitors that are taking part in club activities, cannot hold the club or any of it's members responsible for any personal injury or for any loss of property.

(k) The commands of the controlling instructor will be observed at all times.

(l) No instructor or helper will leave the mat without first  asking the controlling instructor.

(m) No junior member has the right to vote.

(n) No  pupil has the  right to join or  leave a class with out the permission of the controlling instructor.  In the case of the parent or guardian wishing to remove a junior member from the class the parent or guardian should first ask someone concerned with the class to approach the controlling instructor,  so that the instructor concerned may give the junior member permission to leave the class.

(o) Parent or guardians of a junior are not members of the S.C.M.A. and do not have any rights within the S.C.M.A. and will have signed the application form for membership on behalf of the junior stating the junior will abide by any rules the S.C.M.A. may have.

(p) Any individual member found breaking the etiquette or rules of a class will be told in front of the class by the controlling instructor that they have broken the rules, so that it is not taken for granted that the member has got away with the offence he/she has committed.

(q) Any coach  or instructor has the right to stop members of the public, members of the S.C.M.A, parents or guardians from entering the dojo when a class is in progress.

(r) Any situation not covered by these rules will be dealt with directly by Sensei Karl Harley, and his decision will be final.

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