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The Art of Cure

About Me

Andrew Vincent RSHom, Reiki Master


I first became interested in Complementary Therapies when I was treated by a friend who used Homeopathy. My interest grew and I decided to study Classical Homeopathy at The British School of Homeopathy. I graduated in 1996 and went on to become a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths (RSHom).


I have practiced for the last 20 years at St Augustines Medical Practice in Saltford near Bristol, and I have recently started practicing at The Practice Rooms in Clifton Village.


Over the years I noticed that I was seeing an increasing number of patients that had phobias and other deep seated emotional symptoms and I looked for additional ways to treat these people. I found my answer with Hypnotherapy; I studied at Chysalis School of Hypnotherapy in Wells. This is a fascinating and powerful therapy and has helped me to help a number of patients over the last few years.


My latest addition is Reiki. I wanted to have a 'hands on' therapy that I could use to reduce stress and generally provide myself and my patients with some quality relaxation and healing. I studied Usui Reiki which is a traditional Eastern style of Reiki, finally completing my Master Teacher degree in 2008.


I have found that each therapy has it's traditional place but by combining therapies into a treatment plan suits some patients very well.


I am fully insured and bound by each therapy's Code of Conduct and ethics. I keep up my knowledge and understanding through a program of Continuing Professional Development and regularly undertake additional training.


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