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Qimen Acupuncture

Gate of Hope

Ghislaine Ingman BSc (Hons) Lic.Ac

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Ghislaine Ingman


07818 517 785






Roundstone Surgery

Polebarn Road


BA14 7EH



Warminster Osteopathic Clinic

Station Rd


BA12 9BR






Licensed Acupunturist

Qimen Acupuncture

Gate of Hope

What to expect from treatment


Where to start?

Please give me a call to book an appointment or to ask any questions and I will be very happy to discuss your individual case.


Initial consultation

Your first appointment with me will last for approximately one and a half hours. I will ask about your main reason for coming for treatment, but also about your general state of health including digestion, sleep, etc. It will also be helpful to me to find out about your previous health history and if you are currently receiving other treatment. The more information I have, the better able I am to tailor a treatment to you as an individual.

I will look at your tongue and take your pulse in 3 positions on each wrist. This forms a significant part of a traditional acupuncturist’s diagnosis.


What next?

All treatments following the initial consultation will last for anything up to an hour. The treatment itself involves inserting very fine, sterile, single-use needles into acupuncture points. The most commonly used points are between the elbow and fingers and between the knees and toes. Do not be surprised if the needles are inserted some distance from your actual problem, this will often be the case. Some needles may be left in for 20 minutes and others will be taken out straight away, depending on the desired effect.


The insertion of the needle will feel nothing like an injection and patients usually describe a ‘tingly’ or ‘dull ache’ sensation. Others report a warm, fuzzy feeling. Most patients describe a feeling of relaxation during and after treatment. They look forward to their acupuncture treatment as a special time for them amidst their busy and demanding lifestyles.


I may also use glass cups, a warming herb called Moxa, or Tui Na massage but all of these will be explained to you prior to using them.


How long and how often will I need treatment?

This depends on your individual case. We will discuss this at your initial consultation, but usually people will come weekly for the first 6 – 8 weeks and we will review progress after that.

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