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Reed-Robbins NLP Coaching, Training & Speaking Academy



Become a world-class breakthrough coach, trainer and speaker

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12 week Group Coaching Programme

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Starts 28th June 2024 

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Jessica & Nick Reed-Robbins are breakthrough coaches, trainers, motivational speakers and experts in NLP and performance psychology. They help individuals and organisations all over the world, to be, do and have whatever they want and achieve the impossible. Join their academy and train to be a world-class coach, trainer and speaker now.


If you're interested in NLP or coaching for yourself, you can book a free 45 minute coaching session below. 

If you'd like to become a breakthrough coach or learn NLP, you can get started with the FREE NLP foundation training.

If you are or would like to become a trainer and want to learn world-class platform skills, our speaker programme is for you. 

If you'd like to book a motivational event or development for your employees, please contact us with your requirements.

Old Barn, Langtree, Torringon, Devon EX38 8NU

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