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Reed-Robbins NLP Coaching, Training & Speaking Academy

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Address. Longwick. Bucks.HP27


About Jess

Jess Robbins has made it her life's work to make the impossible possible!


She is an author and speaker and trains individuals and organisations in the secrets of peak performance psychology so that they can achieve their dreams too!


But life wasn't always like this!


At age 27, she was 6 stone overweight, suffering with constant pain from a back disease, in a dysfunctional relationship and had a job that she hated. Food and alcohol had become her only forms of escape and in 2004, she reached rock bottom. Morbidly-obese and depressed she knew that she literally had to change or die!


In her search for a solution, she discovered the transformational powers of performance psychology, NLP and even quantum physics. She set out to find the limits of what the power of the mind can do, for example, she:


Repogrammed her relationship with food and wrote a book called "how to lose weight without dieting" to help others do the same! Freedom from body image problems and food addiction is possible!!


Cured her phobia of public speaking in just 30mins using NLP and learned how to create super confidence in all situations.  She has cured many phobias since, helping people to live their lives to the full with total confidence.  


She became free from back-pain by mastering the mind-body connection and returned immediately to competitive sports!


Helped athletes master their mind-body connection and qualify for the olymics, women to have pain-free births, people to heal from injuries, helped infertile women conceive and is now even investigating how to help people overcome cancer using the power of their mind


Re-wired her relationship blue-print so she could attract the man of her dreams and change her old relationship patterns! Jess  then helped others to attract their perfect partners too!


Created a succesful business, helping people achieve incredible results and has become a top expert in her field, creating wealth beyond her wildest dreams!


At 38, she's already living her dream life and helping thousands of other people do the same!

The Firewalk at SuperPower School (TM)

Tel. 0800 083 8013


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