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Hand Reflexology

This seems to me a neglected area. Thought of mainly as a means of self-help between treatments, Reflexologists do not generally consider the major importance of this to promote their abilities and the vital way reflexology can help health disorders.


Instant success with back problems, lymph, sinuses and whiplash is often experienced by working the reflexes for the neck and shoulders, breast and lungs.


Excellent results require the development of an effective working technique of the thumbs and fingers. Previous workshops have been well received with 'honest feelings and thoughts' on 'Did you enjoy the day?' -'Absolutely', 'Yes, 10 out of 10; very much-really enjoyed the day.' on 'What did you like best?- 'Well structured and enjoyable', 'Having a lot of time to practice', 'The day', 'All', 'Hands on practice'


Although I promote the International Institute of Reflexology Hand Treatment the Workshops are open to non-reflexologists and all are welcome to attend

Please see the following pages from Dwight C. Byers "Better Health with Reflexologyfor"  for additional information:

     Hand Reflexology Detail Page 1

     Hand Refleoxlogy Detail Page 2




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