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Approx 8 years ago I fractured my left iliac and although it mended it left (in the neurologists opinion) some nerve damage, the result being severe numbness in the leg and foot, the worst area being the left big toe.


During the 6 sessions that Ani gave me, I noticed very little the 1st time, some discomfort just almost like pressing a bruise in certain places on each foot. As the the sessions continued The pressure created more sensations and occasionally it was uncomfortable. The good things was I was getting more sensations in the left leg after the sessions: the leg and foot were warm, which was very rare; I could feel the leg and foot, apart from there felt like a restriction around the ankle. (this was a new sensation, as if the ankle was bound); I had tingling in the toes and sharp jabbing pains down the big toe.

After the 1st couple of sessions, I could lay back and close my eyes and feel which area of my left foot Ani was touching, which is a definite improvement as in the past I have damaged my toes through dropping stuff on them or ill fitting shoes as I don't get the normal pain sensations.

All in all I'm pleased with results so far and hoping to continue to increase the feeling as it presently affects my ability to walk any distance and wear any shoes with a heel.


Tina x


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