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“Rethinking Reflexology”

It is now no longer necessary to commit to long treatments challenging your time.

Practical application time is usually 3-4 minutes, then observe as your body responds to treatment by reducing inflammation on the spine, allowing the nervous system to work efficiently once more and activate its own healing process.

Some amazing results have been experienced by our Neuroflexologists.


~ Neuroflexology is a simple technique that is quickly & easily applied to the foot & lower leg.


~ Neuroflexology is designed to switch on a person's own healing system.


~ Neuroflexology enables the body to re-balance itself naturally.

-Jennie demonstrating the Brachial Run

-Neuroflexology may improve well-being, help anxious states, ease painful joints and back pains


-Neuroflexology is an effective, holistic, treatment available now in your place of work

Contact Jennie in Walkley, Sheffield, on 0114 2349600 or, to help maintain your health

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