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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are those discovered by Dr Edward Bach MB BS MRCS LRCP DPH (1886 – 1936). His 38 remedies, each for a different mood, emotion or personality type, provide a harmless and simple means of healing by gently restoring the balance between mind, body and spirit. They do not treat physical disease but by bringing about a state of mind that is conducive to health and happiness, the whole system can respond positively and the body’s own natural healing process can then begin.


Initial consultation is necessary to decide on the appropriate remedies, which are then placed in a bottle for the client to normally take 4 drops four times a day by mouth. A bottle usually lasts 3 weeks by which time changes will be noted and possibly alternative remedies may then be required.


When it becomes apparent that a client’s type or personality requires certain remedies regularly, these can be purchased from many chemists. A practitioner holds all the remedies from which a choice can be made without the client having to buy each bottle separately.


Rescue Remedy, a composite for instant help, in the form of a spray, drops, pastilles or cream, is a vital home and handbag First Aid tool that I recommend whole heartedly – never be without it – from a couple of drops behind the ear of a newborn baby for the trauma of birth, through all the occasions in life that make one gasp!



Bach Flower Remedies website

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