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Green Care Clinic

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Therapy

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Therapy using Ecoflow products is proving to be a valuable healing component and essential preventative medicine. The 90-day performance guarantee maximises a client’s chances of experiencing benefit. Their research into magnetism encourages me to promote their products.


Magnetism as a remedy against a wide range of illnesses has been used in all times. The Caesars of Rome had their magnetophysicians and the method is said to have existed also in ancient Egypt. Paracelsus (1493-1541) wrote about magnets and their wonderful power as a cure against disease. Then Dr. Frantz Anton Mesmer started his career as a famous doctor and healer with magnets and Dr. Krefft in Germany lectured about the healing effects of 2 kinds of therapeutic coils that he had tested during 1904-1905, reporting very astonishing results. G.Lakhovsky made a start to explaining the mechanisms leading to cure by magnetism in the early 1930s.


‘Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Treatment in Ununited Fractures and Failed Arthrodeses’ was an American paper in JAMA showing that the result with 1078 cases was a success of 77%. Normally a very high percentage should have gone to amputation. A side effect found was that magnotherapy had a curing effect also upon low-virulent infections. This therapy has interested me for over 40 years and I have used magnets for a number of these to ease pain and promote healing.


See GENESEN Acutouch for their non-invasive acupuncture, natural and holistic therapy.


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