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Newbury Lodge Dog Training Centre


Dog Training Overview

Group Classes


The group classes are available for all levels, with different classes suitable for beginner through to those wishing to compete at National levels.

The groups are small (6) ensuring maximum attention for each dog and handler.

Agility classes from fun agility to advanced .

The courses are run over a 6 week period and last 60 minutes each session.




1-2-1 tuition is also available for those who wish to improve in specific areas of obedience or who want to further their skills to competition standard. These sessions normally last 60 minutes .


Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are available to puppies from a young age. These sessions are ideal to socialise your puppy with other pups in a controlled environment, teaching them appropriate behaviour when playing and mixing. The 6 week course will aim to cover basic obedience including sit, down, on lead heelwork, wait/stay and recall. We will also cover topics such as mouthing, jumping up and toilet training.


Pre-Puppy 121 sessions also available to help you set up and get prepared for puppy ownership, includes advice on house training, socialisation, feeding and starting puppy training.



Peter and Anji have many years experience and formal qualifications in dog behaviour and can boast many success stories. They will spend time building up a full picture of the dog, its routine and how it fits into family life. They will gain a clear understanding of the problem you are experiencing and most importantly provide very hands on approach to helping you resolve the issues. Aiming to give you the techniques, skills and confidence you will need to address the problem once back home. Sending you guidance notes afterwards to continue to help you move forwards along with a plan of action to proceed with.  


“Due to the standard of advice and training offered as well as the excellent training area, club house/classroom and agility courses available, I have also been able to refer residents with ‘problem’ dogs to Mr Branch and Miss Forte.”


Environmental Protection Officer – Animal Welfare


All our classes are held outside as this is the best and most natural way to train your dog. Let's face it often do you walk your dog in a village hall or barn!??

Many organisations provide training in a village hall, with large classes; this is a sterile environment and not one best suited for dog training.


At Newbury Lodge all training is carried out outdoors in safe and secure areas, after all, how often do you walk your dog in a village hall!


Our group classes are small (maximum 6) which enables the two instructors to dedicate sufficient time to the individual needs of dogs and owners.


Our philosophy is about good practical guidance, professional and courteous service, value for money and most importantly having fun whilst learning the skills required for training your dog.


Kennel Club Accreditations


For those of you wishing to gain an award in the kennel Club Good Citizen Award Scheme, Newbury Lodge Training Centre has been appointed as an accredited training centre.


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