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Contract Research and Development

We can draw on over 70 years' experience in the development of DEP technologies for the analysis, separation and concentration of cells, bacteria and nanoparticles.  If you are interested in dielectrophoresis but are unsure about how to proceed, talk to us!  If you have an idea for something in your own technology that would benefit from our existing technology, or would like us to custom design a bespoke DEP solution, we can help. 


Applications development

If you are interested in developing a new diagnostic, understanding new aspects of cell electrophysiology, or want to use DEP to separate a new cell types and aren't sure how to proceed - we can help.  We have worked with a number of companies and universities to study new and unusual cells or other particle types, and develop novel separation strategies.  Let us know if we can help you too.


Integrated hardware

In the 3DEP and Deparator, we have developed technologies with remarkable capabilities.  If you are working on your own microfluidic or cell handling system but think that integrating our DEP-Well(TM) would be of benefit, come and talk to us.    


Custom DEP solutions

We regularly work with clients wanting to develop new microfluidics devices across multiple scales, and in applications from the everyday to the exotic.    If you are looking to add DEP to your microfluidic design, or have a separation application beyond anything achievable by conventional means, talk to us.

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