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net co2 'taker-outers' while living a simple, inspiring & luxurious life

2022 update

2022 and we've been living as net co2 'taker-outers' since mid 2010.

even though that is an accomplishment it is the least interesting thing about what we've been up to over the past decade and more.

the next least interesting thing is that we've inspired other people to install renewables, battery storage, drive electric cars etc.

the point of all that we have done was, and is, this: to establish a foundation of integrity so that we might earn the right to speak in this area.

we have done that and the most important point about this game is that people in top positions in energy companies (and other places) have taken actions, inspired by what we're up to and by conversations we've had with them, resulting in millions of tonnes of co2 not going up into the atmosphere.

to sum up what we've done to get here, see "2016 off grid" tab.

we now have the solar, solar thermal, tesla powerwall and the tesla model s and tesla model 3.

we get 95% of our annual electricity from the solar and the powerwall.  we love our trips to france, spain, ireland, norway and throughout europe in the cars. (obviously, a certain pandemic stopped european road trips in 2020/21.)

here are the headlines from the last few years:

2021: MINUS 2.71 tonnes co2; 94.96% of electricity from solar and powerwall; landfill 7.26kg per person; water 62.9 litres per person per day.

2020: MINUS 3.64 tonnes co2; 96.52% of electricity from solar and powerwall; landfill 5.38kg per person; water 54.36 litres per person/day.

2019: MINUS 5.44 tonnes co2; 95.6% of electricity from solar and powerwall; landfill 6.68kg per person; water 52.8 litres per person/day. tesla model 3 performance+ bought to replace 2012 nissan leaf. interviewed by sunday times journalist and photographer for "super greens" article.

2018: MINUS 5.447 tonnes co2; 94.4% of electricity from solar and powerwall; landfill 6.24kg per person; water 55.35 litres per person/day

tesla powerwall 2.0 added to replace 2 x powerwall 1.0.

2017: MINUS 5.473 tonnes co2; 95.1% of electricity from solar and powerwall; landfill 7.51kg per person; water 47 litres per person/day

added second powerwall 1.0.  featured in article in portland oregon about the way we live. taken for a spin in the original tesla roadster. roadster 2.0 announced.

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